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Support The Salvation Army in a Meaningful Way

  • Keep us thriving with your planned gift
  • Take advantage of numerous tax and financial benefits
  • Leave a legacy to be remembered by future generations

Make Beneficiary Designations Without Legal Fees

Changing a beneficiary for certain assets does not require the work of an attorney. You can do this yourself, and it should be done anytime you experience a major life event change such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, change of address or retirement. If you don't experience these life changes, you should review your designations every five-to-ten years to ensure everything is current.

For more information on supporting The Salvation Army and updating your beneficiaries, please call our planned giving professionals at 773.205.3515 or send us an email

To learn how to update your beneficiary designations yourself, please click here to download Four Advantages of Beneficiary Designations You Control.